All vinyl windows are created equal Although many vinyl windows look similar from afar there are significant differences in quality and performance if you look closer.  Premium vinyl windows are built using thicker vinyl and re-enforced inside the chambers.  This provides a much stronger window which will perform significantly better.  The energy efficiency will also be much higher.  Lastly, the premium windows will last much longer saving you a lot of money in the

BANK OF CANADA RAISES BENCHMARK INTEREST RATE 50 BPS OVER AND OVER This is the latest interest rate news. Many of you have not seen interest rates this high, unless you are my age then you’re likely thinking ok this is annoying but I’ve seen rates much higher. We are in the window and door business and advocate for efficiency and sustainability. With rising Inflation and high interest rates it’s almost impossible to find a good deal. Fortunately, we have found a very good deal for you.

Good first impressions are important in all areas of our lives from employers, friends, education and on and on. Starting off positively multiplies peoples’ perceptions of us. The same is true for our homes. Making a great first impression with your front door pays off exponentially for the rest of the home. An attractive beautiful front door entrance system tells all your guests and neighbours that this is a well kept home by homeowners that take pride in their home and themselves. Whether

The Canada Greener Homes Loan is offering Canadian homeowners from $5,000 up to $40,000 interest free for 10 Years. The personal loan is also unsecured on approved credit. This is to help Canadians make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable. It offers interest-free financing in addition to the Canada Greener Homes Grant of up to $5,000 free to help you complete some of the more major retrofits recommended by your energy advisor. The Canadian government is doing all this to help

  Aesthetics Fiberglass doors offer the look of authentic wood grain textures in different species like oak, cherry, mahogany, weathered colours, including a variety of stains and paints fiberglass is the choice for you. Additionally, fiberglass entry doors offer so many options for door glass. Steel entry doors offer a Modern clean look. They look great and offer you an unlimited amount of design options. Steel entry doors are available in a wide variety of styles and colours and can be

Garden windows or greenhouse windows are the younger cousin of the bay window. Where the bay window requires a large opening, this window is serious about work and maximizing space and light. These windows fit into smaller openings, where a bay or bow window will not be practical. it is the ideal window for kitchens.  Similar to the bay window, but with perpendicular sides it fits in any existing opening. Both top or side vents with screens are available for maximum ventilation.

  Most people buy windows only once or twice in a lifetime so where do we go for advice. The best place to start in the GTA Canada is Window Wise. Window Wise is independently run by SAWDAC and provides a third-party guarantee on both the windows and the installation. Everyone wants to purchase energy efficient premium vinyl windows that will last a very long time with little or no service. Since most vinyl windows look the same to the untrained eye, it is difficult for a consumer to

  Is this the topic of the decade? Or at least it’s been the biggest topic of the last few years. We’re constantly being told the need to reduce our waste and reduce our carbon footprint. Some claim that things are dire and we have to step this up at a much quicker pace. Whatever your belief is about this (and this relates to global warming) it’s pretty undeniable that reducing carbon emissions and using less is a good idea.  If you’re in the window business then

With urban sprawl and building developments reaching an all-time high in Canada. There has been a major need for noise solutions. Many Canadians are hoping that builders take more accountability to combat the noise pollution when developing and planning for a new build. Unfortunately for home and condo owners most builders only meet the minimum STC requirements. Until more serious action is taken by the Canadian government noise pollution will continue to grow and affect millions of Canadians

Over the last 10 years we have seen a great increase in demand for casement windows. Currently, our most popular selling window is the casement window. For past years operating windows such as a hung or sliding window have dominated the market. In the last decade home owners have demanded more energy efficient products. Hung or sliding windows are good for allowing airflow into the home however these windows are outperformed by the casement window in regards to energy efficiency and security.