Over the last 10 years we have seen a great increase in demand for casement windows. Currently, our most popular selling window is the casement window. For past years operating windows such as a hung or sliding window have dominated the market. In the last decade home owners have demanded more energy efficient products. Hung or sliding windows are good for allowing airflow into the home however these windows are outperformed by the casement window in regards to energy efficiency and security.

Windows and doors are the most susceptible areas to energy loss in your home. Each year Canadians have to deal with temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and as high as 35 degrees Celsius. Each and every month you are either paying to heat your home or to cool your home. Without energy efficient windows and doors that money is being thrown out the window. Encore Windows has made great strides in crafting energy efficient vinyl windows along with some of the most air tight door systems

Toronto, ON — March 6, 2019 — Encore Windows and Doors announced today that they have been selected as a 2019 “Best of Award” Winner by HomeStars. Hailed as HomeStars’ highest honour, the Best of Awards, presented by DEWALT, Canadian Contractor, and RenoRun, recognizes the most trusted home service professionals in HomeStars’ network of over 60k pros, vetted and crowned for their commitment to consistency, integrity and unparalleled customer service. Encore Windows and

The window and door industry has become very saturated. With such a high number of companies offering a wide variety of products, customers often become confused and mislead. With urban sprawl hitting record highs in downtown Toronto and across Canada, home owners and tenants are searching for a real soundproof window. Triple pane windows are excellent for energy efficiency. A triple pane window will provide home owners with a low U-Value. The lower the U-Value the less heating/cooling

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When it comes to improving the look of your house, replacement windows and doors are a great place to start. When renovating a room or rooms in your house, always make sure to include the windows in the rooms. Upgrading your windows and doors will provide you with several benefits. Increase Overall Curb Appeal Old windows with rotting wood, peeling paint, and out-dated designs can make your home look much less appealing. Replacing old windows & Doors with new 

Most homeowners will usually spend a significant amount to repaint their windows if they see that the paint inside or outside their windows are faded or peeling.  A better option is usually to replace these old wood windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows which are virtually maintenance free. PVC or commonly referred to vinyl is one of the most recommended materials for windows you should consider today if you want to replace your current ones. They offer a variety of benefits that

If you can’t remember when the windows in your home were replaced, it may be time to order new ones. Here are five signs that it might be time to look into new replacement windows. You Need Plenty of Elbow Grease to Open and Close Your Windows. It’s a chore just to open your windows. Over time, wear and tear causes a breakdown of the window's mechanical components, which can make using them a challenge. Windows that often get stuck indicate a hardware or balance problem, which means that

Not only can new windows give a house a whole new look, but there are also specific benefits that make this home improvement project well worth the time and effort. After finishing the replacement, many people are pleasantly surprised by the money they save in a variety of ways. Low Maintenance Older windows typically involve significant maintenance to keep them attractive and in good working order. This necessary maintenance may involve upkeep of the interior and exterior wood, such as

In the lastest installment of HomeStars U, Anthony Gucciardi from Encore Home Improvements gives us the basics on the two methods of window installation options.  Please watch our video before you begin to shop for windows and doors.  Window Installation 101 | HomeStars - News and Updates

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