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Aluminum Windows

We Promise “You will know which windows are best for you and why, before you buy”.


Our Aluminum Window Series redefines excellence with a focus on performance, elegance, and unwavering durability. Specifically engineered to meet the stringent CW Classification, these windows are perfect for mid-rise buildings with institutional applications. They offer a myriad of assembly and opening options, including casement, awning, and fixed configurations.

Architects and Designers are all recommending Aluminum windows for large openings. Combining strength, performance and slim lines for maximum light and efficiency. Ideal for oversized openings where vinyl and wood will not work.

 Originally designed for Highrise buildings they provide superior resistance to wind and rain.

Standard and custom colours are available including colour matching.

Multipoint hardware is also included for maximum security.

What sets our Aluminum Windows apart is their remarkable energy efficiency. Featuring extruded aluminum profiles both on the interior and exterior, seamlessly integrated into the innovative "Performance Core" thermal insulation system, these windows represent the very essence of cutting-edge design. Choose our Aluminum Windows to create a space that's not only impressive but also energy-efficient, where form meets function seamlessly. These windows are Energystar approved for Canadian climates.

Several thermal glass packages are available for maximum efficiency. Windows are available in both double and triple glazing.

Aluminum is ideal for mixing interior and exterior colours.

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