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Interior and Exterior Sliding French Doors Toronto

A French door, commonly known as a patio door, just like a garden door, is a glazed system that gives access to our outdoor environment.
Since 1993, Novatech Doors Inc., a specialist in the field, has endeavored to offer the biggest product line and the best performance.
In the past few months, we launched seven new products, thus creating two completely new product families.
We invite you to discover the variety of models offered.
We innovate not only to improve our response to market demands but as an ”ENERGY STAR®” partner.
Our products are qualified and exceed the standards imposed by this qualification.


Clearview Windows and Patio Doors Toronto

Clearview Industries Ltd. was founded over 20 years ago to serve the residential, commercial and new housing market with fine patio doors. Clearview is a family owned and operated Canadian company and we take pride in our team of industry professionals.

Our Employees are a skilled, experienced and dedicated work force that back our reputation for quality. Many of our employees have been with the company for years and are intimately familiar with the various product lines and Clearview’s regular customer requirements. Personal service is part of our enduring success.


Sunview Patio Doors Toronto

Sunview Patio Doors Ltd is one of North America’s leading patio door manufacturers. We are committed to providing our clients and consumers patio doors they can confidently recommend. We offer a competitively priced patio door manufactured to high quality specifications.

All our products are backed with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. Our aim is to provide our customers with superior quality, uncompromising service and more than competitive pricing.

Standard Features

Sliding Doors Toronto

  • The all vinyl frame best resists the transfer of heat and cold, and will not warp, split, or rot.
  • The stiles are reinforced with aluminum for strength.
  • Full perimeter, double weather-strip eliminates water and air infiltration.
  • The double tandem steel roller wheels provide years of quiet, smooth operation.
  • Complete with durable recessed laminated steel lock.
  • Sill is sloped so it eases water run off.
  • Fully reversible – can be assembled to slide left or right.

Standard Sizes

79 5/8″
5’0″ 59 1/2″ 60″ OX/XO
5’0″ 59 5/8″ 60″ OX/XO
5’0″ 59 3/4″ 60″ OX/XO
6’0″ 71 1/2″ 72″ OX/XO
6’0″ 71 5/8″ 72″ OX/XO
6’0″ 71 3/4″ 72″ OX/XO
8’0″ 95 1/2″ 96″ OX/XO
8’0″ 95 5/8″ 96″ OX/XO
8’0″ 95 3/4″ 96″ OX/XO
9’0″ 106 1/8″ 96″ OOX/XOO
9’0″ 107 3/4″ 108 1/4″ OXO
9’0″ 107 7/8″ 108 3/8″ OXO
10’0″ 118 1/2″ 119″ OXXO
12’0″ 141 3/4″ 142 1/4″ OOX/XOO
12’0″ 142 1/2″ 143″ OXXO
12’0″ 143 3/4″ 144 1/4″ OXO
12’0″ 143 7/8″ 144 3/8″ OXO

Away Top Views




GLASS SIZES: 4mm on 4mm

7/8″ O.T. (D/G)
9/16″ air space
5′ – 26 1/2″ x 71 1/8″
6′ – 32 1/2″ x 71 1/8″
8′ – 42 1/2″ x 71 1/8″


We specialize in custom styles, sizes and colors. Here are some of the options that will customize your door to your needs:

  • Multi-coloured doors
  • Flange doors
  • Three Track System
  • Storm Doors (optional screen)
  • 3 & 4 panel large doors
  • All panels operating
  • Custom screens
  • Fiberglass mesh screens
  • Aluminum mesh screens
  • Coloured glass
  • Thermal units
  • Low E & Argon gas
  • Colonial grills
  • Brass grills
  • Security lock
  • Security bar
  • Security pin
  • And much more!

* Low emissivity glass combined with argon gas provides you the homeowner with greater energy management control, In winter, it reflects both solar and furnace heat back into the house, greatly increasing heat efficiency.

In summer, it reduces the admission of the sun radiant heat and many ultraviolet rays making it much more comfortable and much easier to cool the home as well as protecting interior furnishings. The low “E” glass provides you with real advantages at an affordable level.