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Window Options

The days of simple wood windows are behind us. Now there are many window options relating to design, functionality, energy efficiency, security, maintenance, materials, etc. Understanding your options before you make a window purchase is our responsibility at Encore, and the following is a short list for you to consider.



E-Clean Glass combines the benefits of Solar Shield LOW E with unique outer glass coating that gradually breaks down dirt while causing rain to sheet.

Why settle for ordinary windows? Vinyl Window Designs Ltd. Manufactures the most energy efficient PVC thermal windows available and is now proud to offer you a great deal on your new E-Clean windows

Hylite Acrylic Block Windows

Hy-Lite acrylic block panels and windows are a strong alternative to traditional glass block construction. Made of lightweight acrylic, the blocks are pre-assembled into panels for complete window units and precision installations. Because the blocks are over 70% lighter than conventional glass blocks, it allows them to be used virtually anywhere!
Hy-Lite acrylic blocks are more energy efficient than traditional glass blocks and provide the same performance as double insulated glass windows.
Best of all, Hy-Lite acrylic blocks can be incorporated into VWD casement and awning operating windows. Retain full ventilation and enjoy the beautiful look of glass block construction!

Keepsafe Glass


KEEPSAFE™ GLASS – This remarkable glass is actually two sheets of glass permanently bonded to a tough, durable plastic interlayer. KeepSafe™ glass won’t shatter like ordinary glass and the resilient interlayer resists repeated blows from common handheld weapons including bricks, hammers, bats, and crowbars. Because the glass must be cut from both sides, glasscutters are virtually useless as a burglary tool. KeepSafe™ glass offers a significant contribution toward protecting your family and irreplaceable valuables.

KeepSafe™ glass is also valuable in reducing sound transmission into your home. The plastic interlayer dampens the transmission of outdoor noise, traffic, overhead aircraft, lawn mowers, power tools, barking dogs and other sources of noise pollution!
The interlayer in KeepSafe™ Glass screens out over 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays © protecting your drapes, carpet, upholstery and wall coverings and preserving your valuable artwork and family photos.

Enviro Colour Painting


New Exterior Coatings for Vinyl Windows combine better performance with environmental responsibility.
Enviro Colour Coatings come with our exclusive “Exterior Colour ten year warranty” which includes undue fade!
What is so special about this Coating?
Enviro Colour Coating™ offers superior long-term film integrity, colour and gloss retention for vinyl extrusions or other types of vinyl cladding. Enviro Colour Coating™ will give you the confidence of knowing that the finish on your vinyl unit is the best available.
Enviro Colour Coating™ is a proprietary single component and water based coating. It cures to form a protective film that provides a unique combination of toughness, flexibility and durability, resisting the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, pollutants, abrasive agents and acid rain.
Enviro Colour Coating™ contains no harmful chemicals that hurt the environment. It is water based and contains no solvents. Because of its easy to handle qualities, it is a field applicable product.
Why is Enviro Color Coating™ Important?
Vinyl is a thermoplastic resin that is heat sensitive at temperatures greater than 140 F. Above this temperature the vinyl will start to soften and serious warping of an extrusion can occur. This is the primary reason that most vinyl windows are pastel colours since dark colours can result in excessive heat build up in the component.
Selected pigments with heat reflective properties have been used to formulate Enviro Color Coating™. This reduces heat build-up and maintains a low component material temperature that avoids warping. The ability to reduce temperature build-up for dark colours allows manufacturers of vinyl windows to offer a much wider range of colours than could be previously offered.

Interior Light Oak

Yes, you can have the look of wood inside your home and still own energy efficient, maintenance free vinyl windows. A durable, washable high tech film is factory applied to your vinyl window interior. The film even has a grainy feel to the touch… just like polished wood!

The film is pre-stained to a pleasing light oak and matches most interior decors. It’s easy to finish your window with matching real wood moldings and trims for a magnificent appearance! VWD offers its Interior wood grain film on a selection of windows including Casement, Awning, Fixed, Picture, Double Hung and Slider options.


A major component in making your Vinyl Window Designs Window energy efficient and condensation resistant is our choice of high tech warm edge glass spacer systems.
INTERCEPT SPACER® – This is a warm edge spacer, invented by PPG. This spacer will reduce condensation, heat loss, and provide clean, graceful lines and aesthetically provide an appealing appearance. Because it is made from low conductive steel, it provides natural structural strength in your window. Best of all, this is our basic spacer at no extra cost to you!
TempSmart™ Spacer System – In order to avoid the confusion created by multiple materials being sold as Superspacer in the marketplace, VWD has introduced the TempSmart™ brand as your guarantee that you are only receiving Edgetech’s premium foam silicone material and not Edgetech’s organic foam material. Better still, our TempSmart™ system guarantees that your oversize windows are reinforced to maintain structural integrity. This is important because, while foam silicone is very resistant to cold transfer, it lacks the inherent structure of metal spacers!
INEX ® – INEX is composed of reinforced thermoplastic material and has a very low cold transfer rate. Aesthetically, its white surface is very appealing. It virtually eliminates condensation and considerably reduces heat loss.
FIRST IN CANADA! – As part of our commitment to providing the best components for your windows, VWD now offers “Stainless” from PPG. This optional high end system combines the warmth of premium foam spacers with the structural integrity of traditional spacers.

Grills and SDLS

SDL and grill bars are often added to customize a window to match the architectural style of the home. When applied, SDL’s give the traditional true divided lite appearance, while grills offer additional décor options to complement your choice of window style.

Coloured and Frosted Glass

Alternatives to clear glass in your window can increase the comfort of your home as well as save you money on your heating and cooling bill. Be aware of true but sometimes misleading statements regarding which glass is most appropriate for your use. The truth is in a southern climate, look for glass with the best “U” or “R” value, and in a northern climate look for glass with a balance between a good insulation value and a high SHGC or solar heat gain coefficient.
Coloured and frosted glasses: Bronze, gray, frosted and coloured glasses can offer increased privacy as well as lowered heat gain for interior spaces such as sunrooms that tend to become too hot in summer months. Sycamore Designer Glass offers a unique partial obscurity with a classic leaf-like pattern.



 Let your imagination run wild! Our skilled craftsmen can provide architectural combinations to satisfy your every design desire. Building a large combination window? Our “Super-Mull” reinforcement

program means your window is strongly built! Turn the fixed glass of your Single Hung Window into a round top!

Energy Glass Upgrades

Solar Gain LOW E Glass

Solar Gain LOW E Glass is – The best glass for most applications in a northern climate. It has a very high retention rate of the heat in your home in winter and prevents heat gain in summer. Solar Gain Low E Glass has a higher Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) than other Low E glass designed for southern markets in order to retain the Solar Heat that provides FREE winter heat for the homeowner. Since as much as 95% of your energy expense for heating and cooling combined goes for heating, this glass is more cost effective than other glass without a high SHGC.

SOLAR SHIELD LOW E GLASS – Is chosen for uses where cooling costs outweigh heating costs in your energy usage, or where summer discomfort from heat build-up should be an important concern. This is the best glass for most applications in a southern climate. It has a very high reflection rate of the radiant outside heat to prevent heat gain in summer and in winter it still retains radiant heat once you turn on your furnace! Solar Shield has a lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) in order to minimize Solar Heat Gain that results in extra work for your air conditioning unit.
Argon Gas filled units reduce your window’s conduction and convention of heat. Argon works well with Low E glass to maximize your new window’s energy efficiency and performance.
Krypton Gas filling works where Argon can’t! It is ideal for smaller air spaces created in triple glazing and can be combined with Argon in intermediate size spaces.