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We Promise “You will know which windows are best for you and why, before you buy”.


When shopping for energy-efficient replacement windows in Toronto GTA, call or visit Encore Windows and Doors first. We have solutions for energy efficiency, for reducing both heating and cooling costs, safety and security, easy cleaning and low maintenance, Noise reduction and Soundproofing, and any other special need you may have.  All of these are accomplished with emphasis on design and styling to enhance the overall look of your home.

When considering replacement windows, it is important to select certified windows.  Encore Windows are Certified, Window Wise Certified, and ENERGY STAR® qualified.  This ensures you are receiving a premium quality Window that will give you years of worry-free service.  In fact, our 30/30 Warranty is the absolute best window warranty in the industry.  From our Premium Series to our Performance Series we have a window that fits any need and budget.

The window’s primary function is to allow light and air into our homes while protecting us from the elements.  With today’s technology, we can make windows bigger and better so you can enjoy the greater benefits of more natural light and air without sacrificing performance.

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