When was the last time you looked at your door locks? I mean really took a close look at the locks. We stick a key in the lock and it opens, but how many times do you think about your locks. I know that we are all very busy and thinking about locks is the last thing on our minds. But think about this, they are your first line of defense; they protect you and your family. They protect your "stuff" when you're not there. So maybe it is time to think about your locks.What do you look for and what

Windows Toronto The City of Toronto has initiated a new pilot program called HELP (Home Energy Loan Program) that offers very low interest loans for homeowners wishing to improve their home’s energy efficiency and save money.  The program includes updating your older windows with modern energy saving “low e” windows, which use the latest glass technology to save home-owners anywhere from 10-25% on their yearly energy bills.  Through HELP, the cost of window replacement can be spread

Noise (noise is unwanted sound), whether a loud burst or a steady irritation, is linked to everything from insomnia to irreversible hearing loss, higher stress levels and high blood pressure. These medical after-effects may creep up silently, but their consequences can be just as alarming as the wailing of an ambulance. Throbbing low-frequency noise, like that coming from air conditioners, factories or diesel trucks, is thought to be especially aggravating. Why is noise such a headache? Thank

Soundproof Windows Is noise pollution affecting your health?   Noise pollution could increase the risk of heart problems .... read moreTo find out more about soundproofing your home or installing soundproof windows in your home without having to rip out old windows or completely replacing them.  Please visit www.bquiet.ca. bquiet Windows is the result of a commitment by 3 entrepreneurs to provide homeowners and businesses with a healthy level of noise and sound reduction. After years of