All vinyl windows are created equal Although many vinyl windows look similar from afar there are significant differences in quality and performance if you look closer.  Premium vinyl windows are built using thicker vinyl and re-enforced inside the chambers.  This provides a much stronger window which will perform significantly better.  The energy efficiency will also be much higher.  Lastly, the premium windows will last much longer saving you a lot of money in the

  Most people buy windows only once or twice in a lifetime so where do we go for advice. The best place to start in the GTA Canada is Window Wise. Window Wise is independently run by SAWDAC and provides a third-party guarantee on both the windows and the installation. Everyone wants to purchase energy efficient premium vinyl windows that will last a very long time with little or no service. Since most vinyl windows look the same to the untrained eye, it is difficult for a consumer to

Over the last 10 years we have seen a great increase in demand for casement windows. Currently, our most popular selling window is the casement window. For past years operating windows such as a hung or sliding window have dominated the market. In the last decade home owners have demanded more energy efficient products. Hung or sliding windows are good for allowing airflow into the home however these windows are outperformed by the casement window in regards to energy efficiency and security.

Most homeowners will usually spend a significant amount to repaint their windows if they see that the paint inside or outside their windows are faded or peeling.  A better option is usually to replace these old wood windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows which are virtually maintenance free. PVC or commonly referred to vinyl is one of the most recommended materials for windows you should consider today if you want to replace your current ones. They offer a variety of benefits that

If you can’t remember when the windows in your home were replaced, it may be time to order new ones. Here are five signs that it might be time to look into new replacement windows. You Need Plenty of Elbow Grease to Open and Close Your Windows. It’s a chore just to open your windows. Over time, wear and tear causes a breakdown of the window's mechanical components, which can make using them a challenge. Windows that often get stuck indicate a hardware or balance problem, which means that

Anthony easily convinced me that I was dealing with a reliable and knowledgeable person. I wanted to replace our 70 year old leaded glass windows but keep the look. He educated me about my options and I felt that he knew exactly what I wanted and he would deliver it. He more than met my expectations with the fantastic quality and elegant final product. The pattern is perfectly duplicated to the original look. Last, the installation went beautifully - the wood trim on the interior wasn't damaged&

As the sun rays pass through glass what exactly happens?  and how do we harness its power when we need it and keep it out when we don’t need it. It’s called low emissity glass or low e for short. If you have ever spoken to anyone about windows or have done any research, the term low E glass has come up.So what exactly is Low e glass? It is a coating applied to the glass that allows the sun’s rays to pass through; sunlight rays are short wavelengths and usually drawn as straight lines. 

Windows add beauty to your house or building, but they are one of the least prioritized parts when it comes to cleaning and stain removal. Here are some practical tips that can help you to keep your windows clean:1. Eliminate streaks on glass.Window streaks are marks or lines that you often see in windows even after youve washed them. You can prevent streaks by using a squeegee with a soft and smooth rubber edge when washing your windows. When cleaning, you must leave a one-inch wide strip at

Toronto Windows from Encore Windows and Doors [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="800"] Toronto Windows - Vinyl Windows[/caption] With heating and cooling bills skyrocketing throughout the Toronto GTA, spring is a great time to upgrade your old and drafty windows and doors.  At Encore Windows & Doors we carry the most complete line of windows and doors in the industry.  Whether you need high-efficiency or noise reduction windows, Encore Windows has the best designs and

Windows Toronto The City of Toronto has initiated a new pilot program called HELP (Home Energy Loan Program) that offers very low interest loans for homeowners wishing to improve their home’s energy efficiency and save money.  The program includes updating your older windows with modern energy saving “low e” windows, which use the latest glass technology to save home-owners anywhere from 10-25% on their yearly energy bills.  Through HELP, the cost of window replacement can be spread