Soundproof Windows

Soundproof Windows

Is noise pollution affecting your health?   Noise pollution could increase the risk of heart problems .... read more

To find out more about soundproofing your home or installing soundproof windows in your home without having to rip out old windows or completely replacing them.  Please visit

bquiet Windows
bquiet Windows is the result of a commitment by 3 entrepreneurs to provide homeowners and businesses with a healthy level of noise and sound reduction. After years of importing and modifying existing window and door products, it came time to produce a completely Canadian-made window for soundproofing. Leading engineers and manufacturers were approached, and a production team was assembled to manufacture bquiet windows.

Lower Stress and Better Health - Unwanted noise causes restless sleep, lack of sleep, higher stress levels and discomfort.

Sleep Peacefully - Soundproof windows reduce noise by 75% or more.

Existing Windows Are Untouched - Bquiet soundproof windows are a second window placed behind or inside your existing...

Fully Operational and Removable - Bquiet soundproof windows can easily be removed or make to be fully operational, allowing...