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Image result for low emissivity glassAs the sun rays pass through glass what exactly happens?  and how do we harness its power when we need it and keep it out when we don’t need it. It’s called low emissity glass or low e for short. If you have ever spoken to anyone about windows or have done any research, the term low E glass has come up.

So what exactly is Low e glass? It is a coating applied to the glass that allows the sun’s rays to pass through; sunlight rays are short wavelengths and usually drawn as straight lines.  Once sunlight enters a window it floods the inside with natural light, it then changes to  long wavelengths also known as radiant heat and usually  drawn as squiggly  lines.


Simple right? There’s more: there are different types of low e glass. They are described as soft coat, hard coat, solar gain and solar shield. What are the differences and which one is the best for our climate? The answer is simple: how many heating degree days  vs cooling degree days do we have? A heating degree day is when the daily temperature is such that heating is required. A cooling degree day is when the temperature rises and cooling is required.  Sorry this isn’t so simple; for a more detailed explanation follow the link below.

Choosing the correct low e glass takes advantage of the power of the sun and optimizes efficiency. If you are looking for replacement windows or doors in the Toronto GTA Encore Windows and Doors will provide you with the correct advice when it comes to your windows.

Dave Rosolen