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201_imageMost homeowners will usually spend a significant amount to repaint their windows if they see that the paint inside or outside their windows are faded or peeling.  A better option is usually to replace these old wood windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows which are virtually maintenance free. PVC or commonly referred to vinyl is one of the most recommended materials for windows you should consider today if you want to replace your current ones. They offer a variety of benefits that old and other types of windows just can't provide. Besides your windows rotting or requiring paint, here are some other reasons for replacing them: Better Insulation. As they age, your windows will start to leak and let drafts into your home. This causes your heating costs to go up in winter and cooling costs to go up in summer. Encore’s Premium Vinyl windows are extremely energy-efficient. Energy Star Approved and CSA Certified, you will save a lot of money. Increased security in your home. Older windows are much easier to break in. They have fewer security features and weaker glass. It can be quite easy for intruders to enter your home through old windows. Encore Windows are highly secure and come with state of the art frames designed to resist damage.  We also offer Serenity Windows with safety laminated glass. Do you live in a noisy neighborhood? Is noise pollution one of your problems? You can now enjoy living in a quieter home with Encore’s quiet windows. Aside from keeping the heat or cold out, Encore windows can block out unwanted noise coming from outside. Enhance the look of your home. Due to wear and tear, older windows will have scratches and marks on the glass and frames. These damages can obscure your view and make your home look less appealing. Encore windows require little to no maintenance and are extremely durable. In addition Encore provides many designer options that will give your home’s exterior a complete makeover and increase its value significantly.