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iStock_000004947059XSmallIf you can’t remember when the windows in your home were replaced, it may be time to order new ones. Here are five signs that it might be time to look into new replacement windows.

  1. You Need Plenty of Elbow Grease to Open and Close Your Windows. It’s a chore just to open your windows. Over time, wear and tear causes a breakdown of the window's mechanical components, which can make using them a challenge. Windows that often get stuck indicate a hardware or balance problem, which means that outside air is getting into your home. It's also a bad sign if your windows won't stay open or closed without assistance. If your windows don't lock properly or if the lock is broken, it's both a safety problem and a sign that the windows aren't completely sealed.
  2. They Aren't Protecting Your Home From the Elements. You might notice condensation or frost on the windows during cold or wet weather if they are deteriorating. Moisture trapped inside the glass means that the seal of the window is broken, causing your HVAC system to work much harder than necessary. When you're sitting by the windows during the fall and winter, you may feel a draft. As windows age, the warping of the frames can lead to cracks and gaps that are not visible to the naked eye. You should also be wary if your windows are hot to the touch in sunny weather or cold to the touch in cooler months. Damage caused by mold is usually hidden behind the wall and not visible at first, but can be very harmful to us.
  3. You hate the way they look. Older windows may show signs of rot, peeling paint, rust, and other eyesores. Signs of water damage, soft wood, and other types of decay are a sure sign that you should consider new windows. When you update your home but not the windows, you may feel that the older windows now clash with your home. New windows will improve both the overall value and look of your home.
  4. Your utility bills are higher than ever. If you've noticed a drastic increase in your cooling and heating bills this year, it usually means that your windows aren't doing a good enough job of insulating your home. While replacing your windows can be costly, you'll enjoy substantial savings on your energy bill along with increasing the overall value of your home. New Premium Energy efficient windows will keep your utility prices low. Always look for the Energy Star and Window Wise Logos when shopping for windows.
  5. Your home is noisy. If you need replacement windows, you might notice that outside noise you didn't hear before is now a nuisance. If you're suddenly bothered by traffic noise or loud neighbors, poorly sealed windows are often the reason. Encore Windows offers several options for keeping out noise, and providing extra soundproofing. We carry quiet glass, Serenity Windows and Bquiet Soundproof windows.

When considering replacement windows in the Toronto GTA please contact Encore Windows for a complete assessment.