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Windows Toronto

Toronto Windows The City of Toronto has initiated a new pilot program called HELP (Home Energy Loan Program) that offers very low interest loans for homeowners wishing to improve their home’s energy efficiency and save money.  The program includes updating your older windows with modern energy saving “low e” windows, which use the latest glass technology to save home-owners anywhere from 10-25% on their yearly energy bills.  Through HELP, the cost of window replacement can be spread over fifteen years at a low interest rates, allowing homeowners to use their energy savings to offset their monthly re-payments. The costs of window replacement are simply added to your monthly property tax bill.

Encore Windows will help you qualify for the program and offers the latest and most energy efficient windows on the market. Our “low e” (low-emission) windows are 40% better at keeping heat inside your house, as compared to standard clear insulating glass, keeping you warmer in winter.  “Low-e” windows also reflect more heat from the outside, so they keep you cooler in the summer as well.  As an added benefit, modern windows block up to 57% of the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays and so better protects your furniture, drapes, flooring and carpet from fading or discolouring.

If your windows are old and drafty, the HELP program makes this the time to grab-up the savings on window replacement and make you home warm and cozy in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Encore has been installing beautiful and efficient windows in Toronto and the GTA since 1987. We never use pressure salespeople and we take the time to find you the replacement windows that are right for you with tons of design, style, colour and finish options. Call us today and let us help you qualify for the HELP window replacement incentive.  You’ll love the new look of the latest high-efficiency Windows!