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The window and door industry has become very saturated. With such a high number of companies offering a wide variety of products, customers often become confused and mislead. With urban sprawl hitting record highs in downtown Toronto and across Canada, home owners and tenants are searching for a real soundproof window. Triple pane windows are excellent for energy efficiency. A triple pane window will provide home owners with a low U-Value. The lower the U-Value the less heating/cooling the window will allow to escape. If you are looking to save money on your heating and cooling cost you should purchase a triple pane window. Encore Windows offers some of the most energy efficient windows in Canada
One may question if that extra pane of glass also offers any real sound reduction… It does not. The difference is usually not noticeable by the human ear. Noise will transmit through glass very easily, adding another layer of glass does very minimal to the STC rating of the window. The important component you require to reduce noise effectively is the acoustical laminate film that is added to the glass. For many years laminate film has been used for added security to windows and doors. In high doses this laminate will also bullet proof glass. It is a special acoustical laminate film combined with suffice airspace in the sealed unit that will achieve proper noise reduction. If you are looking to replace your existing windows and require sound reduction, inquire about a double pane sealed unit with laminated glass. Remember, there are two layers of glass here. Each layer can be modified with a laminate film. Adding a laminate film to each glass pane will greatly improve the windows ability to reduce noise. Encore offers our exclusive Serenity Window for noise reduction.
Live in a condo or already replaced your windows?
We offer a special product that is designed specifically for noise reduction as an addition to your existing windows. Encore is the Exclusive dealer for Soundproof Windows Canada which manufactures bquiet soundproof windows right here in Canada. These windows are custom made for any condo, business or home. They are operating windows installed inside your existing windows which allow access to your existing windows. Engineered results have shown that by adding the bquiet soundproof window to most homes/condos you can achieve an STC rating of up to 51. This is considered to be extremely effective in combating noise pollution.
Standard vinyl windows with no laminate film will have an STC rating between 26-32. This will leave home owners susceptible to noise pollution.