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Over the last 10 years we have seen a great increase in demand for casement windows. Currently, our most popular selling window is the casement window. For past years operating windows such as a hung or sliding window have dominated the market. In the last decade home owners have demanded more energy efficient products. Hung or sliding windows are good for allowing airflow into the home however these windows are outperformed by the casement window in regards to energy efficiency and security. Canadian home owners spend a great deal of money on either heating or cooling each and every month of the year. This has increased the demand for higher performing energy efficient products. Introducing the Premium casement window. Similar to Europe’s tilt and turn windows but more energy efficient the casement window cranks out. This is convenient for individuals with blinds, shutters, or simply limited on space. Here are a few other benefits of Encore’s Premium casement window: -Most energy efficient operating window. -Most secure operating window. -Extremely durable interior magnetic screen. -Easy to operate. -Easy to clean from the inside of the home. -Many options and upgrades available. -Overall clean finish allowing plenty of sunlight into the home. Want to test drive our casement window? Contact us today to book your appointment.