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Front Door1. Replace Your Front Door This might seem like a fairly minor home improvement, but, replacing your front door has been shown time and time again to bring an amazing return. A new steel door averaged a 98% return. When looking at cost versus value, a new door is the top of the list. Why? Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. You pull up to a house you are interested in. You see the landscape, the trees, the shrubs. All fixable. Then you walk up to the house. The front door is old looking, worn, splintered wood. Your are about to literally walk through the door to your future... do you want it to look old and decrepit?

Now, picture a new, steel door. Nice paint. Strong. Looks safe. Much better. This puts the buyer in a positive state of mind before they even step foot in your home. A replacement steel door averaged a 98% return on investment - by far the highest return in our historical look at the "Cost vs. Value Report."  If you are considering adding value to your home call us at Encore Windows & Doors for the greatest selection of doors and windows in the Toronto GTA.